5 Standard Apartment Amenities

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When looking at apartments we all look to see what is offered to those who live there. Apartment amenities are a huge factor in the decision on where to live.

Amenities are highly discussed and envied for college students. I knew plenty of people who switched apartments just for a different amenity or feature. It’s no joke.

The interesting thing is that a lot of amenities are pretty standard, but there is a divide; the difference lies in standard vs unique amenities. What makes the amenities stand out, what makes them desirable? I am going to break down a couple of common amenities and show how they can be elevated from standard to unique.


Most student apartments provide a living room TV. More and more lately, they are starting to be large flat screens, and some are even Smart TVs. This is a really cool perk and is definitely not required of the apartment to provide.


This amenity is elevated by what comes with it. Some apartments are starting to provide free cable or other subscription services with the TV, like Netflix. This is seriously a cool deal, I mean many students use someone else’s streaming account anyway, but this is a great way for apartments to provide something extra to their tenants.


Most places provide laundry. You won’t see too many apartments making you go to the laundromat, though there are some. On-site laundry machines are very beneficial and convenient. They help simplify a tiny aspect of life, but I can attest that it makes life that much easier.


There are two main ways that this amenity is elevated.

  1. Free laundry rocks. A lot of apartments charge you for laundry in the cost of your rent, and some make you pay with coins. To have free laundry just builds on the feelings of ease and relief. In reality, it probably doesn’t save a student that much money, but we appreciate it all the same.
  2. In-unit laundry is paramount for laundry options. Free, convenient, and easy, you should definitely find an apartment that does this.


Many apartments have some sort of lounge or TV room. This is super nice for relaxing or getting a group of friends together. Lounges are pretty typical, and usually, have a TV or kitchen of some sort.


A lounge that has game tables (foosball, pool, etc), games tops just a sitting lounge. My first couple semesters were filled with weekly game nights with close friends, and it was great.

Some apartments also provide study or music rooms. This is pretty great as it gives you a place to get out of the apartment and go study or just find some alone time. If you play an instrument and want some time to practice without bothering anyone, this is a great place to go.


Weight rooms are becoming more and more common in apartments. You gotta love that, you don’t really have to leave home to go to the gym. Some places have swimming pools as well. This works for exercise and also relaxation.


I have seen a couple of places that provide outdoor exercise facilities. Basketball or tennis courts, sand volleyball, or grassy fields for play are some I’ve seen. It is pretty cool to have this option; when the weather is nice a good pickup game is a great time. Having a space so close to you, and that only a limited number of people have access to, is not only nice but probably will help you get out and exercise.


Most places offer paid parking. The amenity aspect really plays into how much parking is available. Many places have a small number of spaces, or just enough so that you are fighting to find a spot.


Free parking is the way to go. Not many apartments offer it. Some do, but just charge a little more rent to make up for it. If you can find a wonderfully-priced apartment with free parking, it’s probably gold.

More and more places I have seen are building parking garages. This allows for a plentiful amount of parking spaces, and also covered parking. If you go to a school where it snows or rains a lot, or where it is super hot, this is a huge benefit.


It seems in many people’s minds, apartment amenities are right behind rent in the importance of factors to consider when choosing an apartment. Carefully look them over and see what the apartments offer. You won’t find everything you want, but chances are you will find a great deal on a great apartment that will be your new home.

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