6 Ways To Avoid Renovation Mistakes

Renovating a room or a property can be difficult enough without mistakes popping up. In between all the planning, hard labour and quick thinking, you’ll have little time for any mistakes that you may make. Most mistakes are common and easily fixed, but only one big mistake could ruin your project entirely. We’ve compiled a list of 6 ways to avoid these mistakes happening so that you can continue to renovate in the knowledge that you will be less likely to run into any problems.Renovation Mistakes

1.    Poor Preparation

Even if you are facing a strict deadline, it is always best to take a long time preparing your renovation. Poor preparation can lead to mistakes, which can mean you will often go over budget and over the deadline. Really take the time to plan what is going to happen. Make sure you set out a very specific plan with your contractor and get everything in writing. If everything is out on paper before the work begins, you will be able to plan your time accordingly.

2.    Buying Before Planning

It may be tempting to start buying tools, materials or appliances straightaway, especially if you are just picking them up when you see them, but if you haven’t planned exactly what you need to buy this could be a disastrous waste of money. Avoid online sales and always buy after you plan. Otherwise you may end up with items or tools you don’t need, or appliances and materials that don’t fit inside the room or look wrong. Buying after planning can save you a lot of hassle, time and expense.

3.    Ignoring Issues

If issues pop up, deal with them. Even if it costs a lot of money and time, if you don’t tackle any new issues immediately, they will only return in the future. If you’re tearing down walls or ripping up floors, there is a chance you may find something you didn’t expect. You will need to deal with any electrical, cleaning or plumbing problems before you close anything up, and while it may be tempting to simply cover it up and pretend it doesn’t exist, this could lead to worse problems further down the line. Use professional home cleaning company  to deal with the mess.4.    Cutting Corners
Much like ignoring issues, if you cut corners to save time or money, you could end up having to deal with the consequences of this in the future and end up spending more time and money on it than you had originally planned. It is always best to work that bit harder and spend a little bit more money or time on something to really ensure it is done than it is to cut corners. Make sure you hire competent and experienced people to do the job and you have enough time to complete everything even if issues arise.5.    Unlicensed Trades
Ensure that whoever you work with is a licensed tradesperson. You may simply be working with a contractor or perhaps with someone who does more specialised work, but you must make sure that any tradespeople are licensed. Electrical, HVAC, plumbing, asbestos and anything to do with gas or the structuring of your house must be done by a competent and licensed worker. If there are any problems, using unlicensed tradesmen could really affect you.6.    Too much DIY
It’s tempting to take on ambitious projects and do a lot of the work yourself, but unless you are a tradesperson with experience, doing too much DIY can lead to problems. Projects like the installation of cabinets or tiling can seem easy but can become difficult quickly. Leave certain jobs to the professionals!
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