Why You Might Consider a Boxer for a Family Dog

No, we’re not talking about strapping on gloves and stepping in the ring. Boxers are a loveable, if misunderstood breed of dogs, that happens to suffer a bit more from superstitions than most other breeds. However, despite all the rumors and myths, Boxers are a fantastic breed for a family pet. Here’s the scoop if you’re considering a Boxer for your next family dog.

boxer dogsBoxers have a lot of energy, Especially Puppies

Boxers have a strong, sleek and athletic build to them that makes them pretty on their own right. Even friendly boxers can seem intimidating to strangers, making them a good deterrent against invaders and door to door salesmen. Boxers tend to be a little more bouncy when they’re younger, they enjoy romping and playing which means they need exercise. With the proper training, this isn’t an issue and as boxers get older, they tend to become considerably more mellow, making for a fantastic pet.

There is a Potential For Aggressive Behavior

Don’t let this deter you, as this potential exists in all dogs. It varies from breed to breed and more importantly to the individual nature of the dog itself. However, Boxers are very protective of their family and homes which makes them formidable guard dogs. However, it’s important to socialize your Boxer to cut down on instances of aggression, especially towards dogs of the same sex. With the right training, Boxers can get along with just about everyone, even the family cat.

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Less Mess, Well… Sort of

Boxers have a fairly short coat which means less grooming is required. Occasional grooming is recommended as they will shed, much like any other breed. While excess fur isn’t the issues, Boxers can be a bit slobbery, especially if they have loose jowls. They tend to be extra drooly when they’ve just gotten done eating or drinking, so having a paper towel on hand might not be a bad idea if you have an issue with dog slime.

Less Bark, More Snort

Boxers are a short snouted breed, which has an aesthetic appeal for some people, also comes with other issues. While Boxers aren’t particularly yappy dogs, they do make a good deal of noise in their own right. Because of their short snouts, Boxers tend to grunt, snort, snore, and make a myriad of other noises which people either find endearing, or maddening.

A Strong Trainer for a Strong Dog

Boxers are proud and somewhat prickly by nature. Boxers can be a bit more difficult to train than other dogs because of their stubbornness. Boxers will test your will to make sure that you are the dominant in the house, but they can also be sensitive. Boxers can shut down, and be prone to sulking if you’ve offended their sense of doggie pride.

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All told, Boxers are a fantastic dog, even if they’re harder to train. It takes a level of dedication and patience, as well as a whole lotta love and understanding. With a well trained Boxer, you’ll find that you not only have a loyal pet who’s with you through thick and thin, but a strong guardian who can scare away the terrors of the night. Don’t let myth and rumor keep you from bringing home this wonderful companion.

+Neil Kilgore is the Jack (Russell) of all trades at Greenfield Puppies in Lancaster Pa. He regularly blogs about dogs, breeders and puppies on the Greenfield Puppies website.

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