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  • oil used for weight loss

    The Top 7 Best Oils to Lose Weight

    Do you want to lose some pounds but you do not know where to start? Does that make you feel stressed out? The thought of living unhealthy could make you lose…

  • person lifting weights in fitness class

    2018 Summer Fitness Trends To Consider

    Summer is almost here which means it is time to get ready for swimsuit season. It is time to get back in shape. Ditch your usual routine and try something new.…

  • Running shoes with foot

    How To Get Started With Running

    If you haven’t done much running before, it may be confusing where to start. Does it matter how far you run or how fast you run? Is there gear you should…

  • large steak being prepared for the ketogenic diet

    The Ketogenic Diet

    The Ketogenic diet is a low carb diet that focuses on high fat content rather than protein. This diet is named after the ketones produced by the liver when fat is…

  • diet

    Losing Weight without Losing Your Mind

    How many of you cringe when you hear the phrase “weight loss” or “lose weight”? You are not alone, my friend. Often when we think of losing weight, we think of…