The Dos And Don’ts Of Building Your Own Home

For many people, building their very own home is a dream. Lots of people imagine laying down their own foundations to create their very own family home. And, it can often be a lot cheaper than buying a new build or even an older property.


One thing is for sure, though, this is not a project that should be taken lightly. It will be a lot of work that will take up a considerable amount of time. Not only that, though, but you should also be prepared for a few setbacks along the way. But if you are prepared for all the effort and hard work, then you will find that building your own home is a very rewarding project.


Tempted to roll up your sleeves and get to work on the building site? As it is no easy feat, here are some useful tips you should have with you throughout your building project. Hopefully, these dos and don’ts of building your own home will help you build your ideal family home!


Do Consider Your Plot


First of all, you will need a plot of land on which to build your new property. These aren’t as common as houses for sale, so you might have to wait quite a while until the right plot of land comes up for sale. If you are open to building your home anywhere, you can use the help of one of the many online plot-finder websites. However, one of the best ways to find some land close to where you already live is through word of mouth. Put some feelers out and let local people know that you are considering building your own home. You might hear that someone in your local area is considering selling a part of their land! If you can arrange a sale before it goes on the market, you will find that the entire sale process takes a lot quicker than normal.



Do Go Over Your Budget


Even though building your own property can work out a lot cheaper than buying a place, you still need to take care of your budget. Before you even come to a final decision as to whether or not you will build your own home, you should look at your finances. If you are quite far away from affording it, then there is no point in going any further with the plan. Otherwise, you could fit some significant setbacks during the project and might end up going into debt to complete the project. Some people take out a mortgage to fund their building project. But you should only do this if you are sure that you will be able to pay back the loan upon completion. It is important that you keep on going back to review your budget several times throughout your building project. This will help you review your spending and expenses. Remember that it is also a good idea to set some money aside for emergency expenditures such as extra materials.


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Don’t Hire The First Contractors You Meet


The various contractors who work on your new build will be one of the most important aspects of the whole project. You need to be 100% happy with the companies who you hire. So it is a good idea to speak to a few different firms before you hire someone. Be sure to speak to builders, roof contractors, and plumbers amongst many others. You should get quotes from a number of firms. That way, you can instantly disregard any who are too expensive for you. While you are deciding who to hire, it is a good idea to ask if you can see each firm’s portfolio. This will give you a good chance to judge each contractor’s quality of work. If possible, try and get some recommendations from friends and family. Find someone who has previously used the services of some contractors.


Don’t Forget About Design


Getting your home built is one thing, getting it designed in a way that you like is another. To get the design of your home right, you will need to hire an architect. He or she will ensure that your design ideas are realistic. They will know the kinds of designs that will work and aren’t dangerous. But as well as an architect, it could be useful to hire an interior designer. They will help you decide on finishing touches, such as the best places for plug sockets and light bulbs. Your interior designer will also be able to advise you on the decor throughout your home to make sure that it is contemporary and on trend.


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Do Apply For Planning Permission


This is a very important point. If you don’t apply for planning permission for your build and simply go ahead without it, you could be ordered to pull it down. To make sure you don’t end up wasting your money like this put in your application for planning well in advance. Local residences will have a chance to air their views after seeing your plans. But the final decision will be left to the local authorities. They may request you to make changes. If they think that your proposed build may not suit the surrounding area or infringes building regulations. In the worst case scenario, they will simply block your application, and you will not be allowed to build your property. The only way around this is to find a new plot of land on which to build


Don’t Forget To Prepare The Plot


Once you have your plot and your contractors, you may think that you can get on with building straight away! Well, this isn’t the case. You still have to wait and do some important preparations first. The most important one is preparing the plot of land. If you are building on a green site, you will need to spend some time clearing away vegetation. Some plots of land will need leveling so that your property sits flat on the ground. If you speak to your building contractors, they may be able to do this for you. Ask your builders if they will also drain the land for you. If not, you will have to hire a dedicated team of ground workers to do all this draining for you.


Do Get Contracts And Insurance


Once you start building, you need to ensure that you protect your project by getting all of the correct contracts and insurance policies. This will safeguard you in the event that something goes wrong. Many contractors will have their own insurance that covers their work. But you should also consider taking out your own insurance policies out that will protect your entire project. It is also important to get contracts from all your contractors. In the contract, make sure that the final cost of the contractor’s work is included as well as an estimated timeline. This will ensure that all of the firms are contractually obliged to complete the work for you. This will prevent any firms moving on to a new contract before they have finished, leaving you high and dry without a completed house.


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Do Consider Your Home’s Space Before You Start


One thing that everyone thinks is important when it comes to their home is the space. To make sure that you don’t end up with a smaller than expected house, you need to carefully consider the size of your rooms before you commit to the build. If you aren’t building a particularly big home, you might need to think about ways you can be clever with the space of your home. For instance, by building walk-in wardrobes. When you are planning the design of your property, you need to keep in mind where you will put the furniture in your rooms. That way, you can make sure that you build a house with plenty of space for your belongings and furniture.


Don’t Get The Lighting Wrong


Lighting is very important in a house as it can help to create an illusion of space in rooms. You should aim to have as much natural light in your rooms as possible. So make sure you plan plenty of large windows in your property. If possible, you should also consider adding as many skylights as possible to increase the amount of natural light in your home. While you are drawing up your plans, you also need to think about where you will place light fixtures. You should speak to your architect and interior designer about this, as they will know how the light will affect each room. They will also be able to advise on the best spots for your lamps and lights.


As you can see, there is plenty of work that needs to go into building your very own property. But it will be extremely worth it in the end! You will end up feeling very proud of your new property. And the whole project will be a truly rewarding experience. So what are you waiting for? Call up your local builders now!

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