Why It’s Easier to Succeed With Cleaning Than You Might Think

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Keeping our homes clean and tidy can seem like an endless struggle. It’s easy to compare our homes with our friends and pictures in glossy magazines and feel disappointed. But it’s more straightforward to succeed at cleaning that you think. All you need is a bit of organization. Read on to find out more.


Get a cleaning schedule


Whether you come up with it yourself or download a premade one from Pinterest or Etsy, having a cleaning schedule will make cleaning your home much simpler.

If you are writing your own, bear in mind that schedules tend to be broken up into three main sections –  daily, weekly and monthly.

The daily section is the things that you do every day to keep on top of the running on your house. Things like putting the washing in and hanging out to try dry, tidying up, making the bed and loading the dishwasher. These are the essentials that you need for your home to run efficiently. If you do them daily you will find that your home seems cleaner, tidier and things don’t build up and become unmanageable.

The weekly jobs are things like dusting, vacuuming, washing sheets and cleaning the kitchen worktops and floor. Keeping these vital things clean, means you home is more hygienic, and again, the cleaning doesn’t build up to overwhelming levels.

Monthly jobs, don’t need to be done as often as the rest of the item on your list, but they are still important in keeping your house clean. These might be things such as dusting the skirting boards and doors, cleaning the windows and washing the net curtains. It’s easy to neglect these jobs, but it’s also surprising how much dirt can build up in these areas, that why it’s important to keep on top of them.

If you are keeping to this schedule, it’s going to be much easier to keep your home spick and span. Make sure you tick jobs off as you do them, so you know what has been done.


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Get the right products


Be careful here, it’s so easy to be seduced into buying lots of different products for cleaning your home when you don’t need them. Make sure that you have products that can be used for more than one job. Multi Surface polish and antibacterial wipes are a good option.

Of course, you will need a few specialist items depending on your home and your personal preferences. Try a color catcher sheet to make the washing easier. Then you can wash all your colors together, and the sheet will catch any leakage. So even if you don’t sort the laundry into white and colors, you don’t end up dying all your partner’s underwear pink, if there is a stray sock in there. Another more specific item that it is useful to have is a bathroom foam. Spray on rinse off, with no scrubbing, a cleaning expert will know that anything that makes the job easier is always a good buy.


Get the right equipment


You will also need the right tools for the job. The backbone of any good cleaning regime is a good vacuum. An expert go-to will always be a Dyson. This is because they have incredible suction, no bag to clean out and are very maneuverable. They also have useful attachments to get rid of pet hair and get into all the nooks and crannies that are difficult to reach.

Know when to get the professionals in

If you haven’t got the time or the energy to keep on top of the cleaning it’s ok to ask for help.  Companies like Simply Maid house cleaners offer vetted professionals to assist you with your cleaning. Some people can feel awkward about hiring a maid, as they feel it is a luxury. Let me tell you, if you can afford it on a regular basis or you need someone off help for a special job, then you should go for it.


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Have plenty of storage


Of course, organization is a huge part of keeping your house clean. Experts know that a well-organized house, with a place for everything, is not going to get as messy or as dirty. Keeping everything in its right spot helps you to see if anything is out of place. Keeping your surfaces and floors clear, also helps the whole family to respect their surrounding. They will be less likely to make such a mess in the first place in a clean environment.


Clean little and often


Cleaning little and often really is the key to success. If you have a cup of tea, wash your cup up straight away. When dinner is done, scrape the plates and put them in the dishwasher before you sit down for the evening. Keep a basket at the bottom of the stairs and put anything that needs to be put back upstairs in. Then every time you go upstairs take the basket with you. Easy hacks like this make cleaning so much more simple.


Have regular clear outs


It’s also vital to get rid of any clutter as soon as possible. Regularly clear out your kitchen cupboards for out of date or unused items. Make sure you pull them all out and clean the shelves before replacing them.


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Go through your clothes and shoes periodically and donate what you shouldn’t wear to charity. A good way of doing this is to have all your hanger in your wardrobe facing one way. Every time you wear something and put it back, turn the hanger the other way. Then after a month you can see what you are actually wearing. All the things on the hangers that are still facing the original should be got rid of.


It is also important to set aside a time each season to do a full clean. Pull out the furniture and clean and hoover underneath. Clean your curtains and soft furnishings. This will make sure you that you always home looks and is clean for the remainder of the year.


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