Home Maintenance Tips To Add Value And Save You Money


You know the adage, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’? This is certainly true for properties. Keeping on top of home maintenance will save you the cost of an expensive repair bill. It’s much cheaper to take care of your home, than reacting to issues when then occur. A well-maintained home will also add value and make it easier to sell in the future.


The Exterior


Looking after the exterior of your home will protect the interior and its occupants. For example, maintaining the roof and windows will reduce the risk of leaks and water damage.



The Roof


There are many home maintenance tasks that you can take on yourself. Roofing is not one of them. Due to the height, it’s far too dangerous to undertake fixes and repairs yourself. Look for a qualified roofer, such as a CertainTeed Shingle Masters certified roofing contractor. A certified professional will deal will damage quickly to avoid the problem becoming worse. They will also carry out maintenance to keep your roof in tip-top condition.



The Windows


Looking after windows is fairly straightforward. The way in which you go about this will depend on the frames. Wooden frames will take a little more care and attention. They will need to be painted and treated regularly to protect them from the elements.


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Keep your windows clean and free from grime. Again, rather than climbing to high windows, enlist the services of a window cleaner. He or she will be trained to work from a ladder. Or, they may have long poles allowing them to carry out the work from the ground.


If you notice signs of wear on your windows, take action immediately to prevent it from worsening. Ensure sealant is intact. Report any problems with the glass to your installer. Many windows are fitted with a guarantee that lasts for several years. It’s worth checking that yours is still relevant if you notice a problem.



The Garbage Disposal Unit


If you have a garbage disposal unit, it is important to look after it. Keep it clean by adding some dish soap and cold water. Run it for a few minutes after doing the washing up. Frequent use can also help as it prevents the parts rusting and clogging.


When grinding food waste run the cold water. This will cause any oil or grease to solidify. It can then be ground up before it reaches the trap. Grease accumulating in your pipes is a major cause of clogging. Clogged pipes can create costly plumbing bills. It also causes unpleasant drain smells.


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Don’t overstuff the unit. Cut larger items into small pieces. Ensure you grind hard objects such as small fruit pits and eggshells. This will clean the walls of the unit.


At regular intervals clean the unit with ice and baking soda. This will clean it and keep the mechanisms in good working order.

The Drains


It doesn’t take a lot of work to maintain your drains; just some common sense. The best way to look after them is to take care what you put into them. Avoid oil, grease, and coffee grounds. These are the most common drain blockers. Collect oil and grease in an old milk carton and dispose of it in the trash.


Add drain covers outside the house to avoid leaves and other debris clogging up grids. Blockages can quickly escalate and cause overflows and flooding to basements. So it’s good to keep on top of this.


Apply drain cleaner at regular intervals and follow the instructions on the packet. This will deal with any surplus build-up in the pipes.
Most home maintenance tasks are common sense. They are not time-consuming if you keep on top of them. A little organization is all that’s required. But let them accumulate and you could be facing expensive repair bills.

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