Choose Your Very Own Personal Trainer

Decision to start working out is always a step in the right direction, but many of us find ourselves lost immediately after we start implementing a plan to get fit until summer. Learning about the world of fitness can be overwhelming experience and in most cases our efforts to get in shape result in nothing more than wasted time and money, or even worse, health issues and injuries. So instead of trying to learn the hard way, why wouldn’t you hire a professional to guide you through the workout process? Choosing the right man for the job is not nearly as demanding as discovering the gym on your own. Here are few advices that will help you in selection.

Own Personal TrainerThe question of certificate and references
First and foremost you have to be sure that the person you are hiring is actually a professional. Many gyms employ average Joes who guide you mainly on the basis of their personal experience. While such experience is not a bad thing, they lack skills in areas like the first aid and don’t necessarily know how to convey the knowledge. Because of this, you should search for a person with the certification of the national fitness, aerobics and sports medicine institutions. Alternatively, you can look for a trainer with good enough resume. Ask for the list of former clients and their contact numbers, especially if you are challenged with some medical issue. You have to be sure how your trainer tackles these problems.

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Organize the audition and trial
One of the best ways to be sure is your proposed trainer competent enough is to witness how he works personally. You should then pay attention to how he or she adjusts to each client and the amount of feedback that trainer is giving to them. You can also arrange a trial to experience how the trainer matches you. Of course, as much as it is important to have feedback from your trainer during the workout, it is also important for the candidate to know what you are expecting of him, so he is not left in the darkness during the trial.

Talk with the candidate
You should tell him, for example what motivates you and how hard do you want to be pushed, are you looking the ripped or bulky look and other similar things so you can fairly estimate your trainer’s competency for the job. It can always happen that, in spite of every step we mentioned, you just don’t like the trainer, for whatever reason and that is the point where you should seek other individual. No matter how thorough you were in selections process, you don’t want to spend workout time with someone that doesn’t accommodate you on the personal level. Your workouts should be enjoyable as much as beneficial.

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Take the time and money into consideration
You don’t want to check is your personal trainer available every time you want to hit the gym. That’s why is important to check your schedule and also your trainer’s availability and commitment to other clients before signing a contract so you are sure he can meet you when you want to work out. Another thing important is to have a clear understanding about the amount of fees and to find out does the trainer carry professional liability insurance. A good trainer should be honest with you about the billing procedures and the cancellation policy.

Try to cut the costs
Since we were talking about money, we can’t avoid mentioning an elephant in the room and that is the price, because no matter how beneficial they are, personal trainers are not the cheapest commodity casual starter can afford. So try using one of these ways to cut the costs:

  • Consider semi-private sessions and include one or two of your friends to save the money and have more fun.
  • Decrease the trainer’s involvement as your skill grows to reduce the costs.
  • If you think you can’t get the trainer more than two times a week, throw in the mix some individual cardio workouts to get in shape faster.
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And now we will conclude our short instruction of how to find your personal Mr. Miyagi. With the right guidance you can achieve wonders, so give the idea of personal trainer a chance and you will see the results shortly. It’s better late than never.

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