Quitting Smoking And The Challenges You May Face


Do you have someone in your family that has been smoking for many years?  Are you worried that their nasty habit is going to make them sick one day or even cost them their lives?  Smoking cigarettes is not only bad for the health of the smoker but also for anyone that is around them while they are smoking.  In fact, second-hand smoke is a leading cause of many different health-related issues including cancer.  But trying to get your loved one to quit is not easy.  They will often be resistant to your efforts and smoking is one of the hardest addictions there is to break.  

Today, we are going to learn some tips that will help improve your efforts to help your family member or friend to stop smoking.  These tips will come in really handy when talking to your loved one.

Replace Smoking with Vaping

A great alternative to smoking is vaping.  When you vape, you can have your nicotine without all that harmful smoke.  When choosing a vaping device for a smoker, a cig-a-like unit will probably be the best product to choose.  These vaping devices look a lot like a traditional cigarette which will give them the feel of smoking.  The best part is you won’t have to deal with the smell of a cigarette and those around them will be very thankful.  

Vaping is a safe alternative to smoking and is also more affordable.  Your loved one can choose from a wide-range of different vaping juices and they even have some that taste like tobacco.  This will help put their mind at ease knowing that they have something to fall back on when giving up their smokes.  These units are highly affordable and you can find starter kits for 50 dollars or less depending on the brand.    

Show Them How Much Money They Will Save

When you show a smoker how much money they are wasting, it just might help them stop.  So if you have a smoker in the family and you want them to quit, sit down and calculate how many packs of cigarettes they smoke in a day.  Then, multiply that by the number of years they have been smoking.  After you get that figure, multiply it by the cost of a pack of smokes.  This number will likely be shocking to them.  If they have smoked for more than 30 years, they have likely wasted thousands of dollars.  That much money, if put in the bank, could have added up to a handsome amount.  Also, remind them that if they continue to smoke, they will only be wasting even more of their hard-earned cash.  Instead of buying cigarettes, encourage them to open a bank account so they can put that money away for a rainy day or for their retirement.  No matter the age of the smoker, showing them how much money they can save is a great motivational tool and it just might help save their life.  

Give Them an Incentive

If you have a loved one that smokes and you want them to stop, why not give them an incentive to do so?  When they have something to look forward to, it will help drive them in the right direction.  Once they have stopped smoking, they will not only get their reward but also better health at the same time!  Some incentives that you can offer them is cash or a trip to an exotic location.  Incentive programs work really well with young smokers.  

So if you have an adult child that smokes, you may want to offer them something nice in exchange for kicking the habit.  Remember, the younger you are when you stop smoking, the greater your chances of repairing your lungs and bringing them back to normal.  

These are just a few tips that will help your loved one stop smoking.  Remember that vaping can be an excellent alternative to smoking and they can still have something to do as a pastime.  One of the best types of vaping devices for someone that is trying to quit smoking is a cig-a-like device.  Not only does it provide the look and feel of a traditional cigarette, it can also provide a safe amount of nicotine without the harmful smoke.

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