Selecting the Right Worktop for Your Kitchen

You’ve finally got the money to do the makeover you have always wanted for your kitchen but you’ve hit a brick wall. You know exactly what cupboards, fittings and flooring you want but for the life of you can’t decide on a suitable worktop. It is of course one of the most trying decisions to make as you want to make sure that it will be suitable for your needs and look fantastic. To help you make a decision on the type of kitchen worktop you need, I have put together some information about the most popular kitchen worktops available.
Some of the most popular worktops people tend to choose from are laminate, wood, glass, granite and stainless steel. Granite and glass worktops are what we tend to consider as specialist worktops, they need to be templated and can only be measured for size once all of the kitchen units are in place. Other worktops, known as non-specialist worktops can be measured in advance making them quicker and cheaper to install.
Laminate has come a long way over the years and is now much a favourite amongst homeowners. It is budget friendly and able to mock more expensive worktops such as stone and wood. It is a durable material that is easy to clean and difficult to stain. Able to withstand heats of up to 180°C and difficult to scratch.  It can however be cut if chopped onto directly so should not be used as a chopping surface. Available in a large range of colours and designs to meet your needs and expectations.
Wood is a popular choice of worktop thanks to the elegant and sophisticated look it gives kitchens. Wood however requires a lot of upkeep to keep it looking fresh, new and practical. Wood isn’t naturally waterproof and so requires oiling to keep it water resistant. This must be done on a regular basis otherwise water can seep into the wood causing bacteria growth and warping. As well as this wood is easily scorched and should never have hot pans placed directly onto it. Easy to cut and fit.
Glass worktops come in a fantastic range of colours to give your kitchen a burst of energy that is bright and friendly. It works particularly well around sink areas as it repels water, but also works well on breakfast bars.  This kind of material works best in contemporary kitchens and can be lit from below. The surface is heat resistant up to 400°C but can be prone to finger marks and smudges. These are easily wiped away but it needs to be done regularly. It can also be easily scratched but these can be polished out with ease. A durable surface that is easy to fit.
Granite is an expensive choice of worktop but it is extremely durable. Able to withstand water, staining and heat up to 200°C it makes a great worktop for your home. Although resistant to staining any wine or citric spills must be wiped up immediately.  Granite is easy to clean using a damp cloth and mild detergent. One of the best features of granite is that every cut has its own unique colours and markings, making it personal to your home.
Stainless Steel:
Stainless steel is best known for its use in industrial and catering industries but it is fast becoming a favourite in homes. Rated for its hygiene levels as it is easy to clean and contains no cracks, nooks or crannies where bacteria can grow. Resistant to stains, water and heat making it a perfect preparation surface. Stainless steel is easily scratched but this is described as sheek and it does not affect its anti-bacterial properties.
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