The influence of toys on children’s development

Every parent wants their child to be happy, so when you hear your child asking for a toy – think twice before you reach for the wallet. Read these guidelines and find out how to influence your child’s positive development with different kinds of toys.
Enjoy the benefits of educational toys
It is proven that children learn from their environment, so if you make that environment worth the discovery, you can enhance your kid’s development. Educational toys involve two elements: fun and learning at the same time.
They can include Lego and other building toys which demand creativity, such as scale models; model toys (such as aircraft, railroads, cars and other vehicles models); robot kits, and many more.
Socialise with board games
Board games are great for your kids if you want them to improve Emotional Quotient (EQ) that is their social skills. They learn one of the most important social skills, which is perseverance; followed by self-control, patience, strengthening determination and courage, along with tolerance and the ability to cooperate with other kids.
Develop interest in music with toys
Music toys can help your kids develop interest in music – either playing an instrument or singing. They can aid in differentiating sounds, influencing the height and length of their voice, and finding the way of expressing their individual persona via reproduction and, finally, creative use, production and new achievements.
Push and pull toys
If you have a toddler in your hands, it probably still needs to develop its motor skills and improve movement. Toys which are great for tireless kids are definitely push and pull toys. Cars, trains and other miniature vehicles can give meaning to their game, and toys which will make them move can be a wind in the sails for walking and coordinated movement. So go ahead and find them movement-stimulating toys right away!
Stimulating cubes and puzzles
Cubes help your child develop independence while manipulating specific objects. Along with puzzles, cube games can encourage the development of your kid’s visual ability and motor skills. Puzzles can teach your child to have its own autonomy and develop self-confidence.
They can develop thinking, especially recognition and matching, seeing the bigger picture, reasoning, as well as precision and coordination of movement. Another great thing about puzzles is that they motivate kids and teach them patience – how to endure the process and wait for the prize: the completion of a goal-oriented task.
Collecting great memories
Many kids want to collect things such as stamps, dinosaur or popular bobbleheads, trains, pictures or some other thing they like. By collecting toys, kids learn how to be organised, they see connections and make things neat. They are prone to finding out what was going out behind the very toys, so collecting can help them meet the back-story of the world presented at the palm of their hands. It will also make a great memorabilia which they can exhibit in their homes later in life.
Which toys to avoid
Besides being fun for the kid, toys can be a source of dangerous behaviour and consequences. Read labels and warnings and see whether they are age appropriate in order to avoid swallowing or choking hazards.

  • Since imagination is one of the key things during the development, avoid toys that do all the work, such as talking dolls or stuffed toys which play music when you press a button.
  • Toy guns are unfit for any kid, so make sure you avoid their usage no matter how much your kid wanted it.
  • Another thing you should watch for are video games, especially violent and those involving guns because they can cause your child to feel anxious and finally addicted to it.
  • Do not encourage gender stereotypes – if your girl likes playing with cars, or if your boy likes dolls – just let them have it their way, because there is nothing wrong with that.
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Games and toys are very important for children’s development. Especially today when kids are practically born with a computer mouse or an iPad in their hands. Toys can make them discover other worlds and develop imagination and creativity, all leading to wonderful childhood memories. So make sure your kids have great toys and great childhood with some of these toys.
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