Valuable Tools For A New Yard

lawn with a variety of plants

You’ve just moved into your first house and can’t wait to get started making it your own. You’ve had plenty of experience painting, organizing, and maintaining the inside of your home, but what about your brand new yard?

It’s time to stock up on the bare necessities of tools to get your yard in shape and keep it that way. But before you head to Lowe’s or Home Depot, make sure you have all the different terrain covered.


The beautiful lawn you have was probably your first thought. It definitely needs to be kept short and well groomed. A lawn mower will probably be the most expensive piece of equipment you’ll purchase to care for your yard, but don’t let that scare you. It will earn its spot in your garage.

Mowers come with awesome features like self-propelling to help take the pressure off your shoulders, perfect for slightly larger spaces or land that’s a bit hilly. If you’ve got more yard than you know what to do with, a riding mower may be the way to go.

Don’t forget about an edger though. This will get those tufts of grass along the sides of the house, the fence, and around trees and planters.

Once every blade has been accounted for, you’ll need to regularly water the lawn. You might already have a sprinkler system, or you can pick up a sprinkler and hose to hook up to the water. You’ll likely want a hose anyway to individually water trees, too.


Now it’s time to look at those patches of dirt. Whether you fill them with flowers or a vegetable garden, you’ll need a few key tools. To get the soil in shape, invest in at least one shovel, rake, and hoe. You’ll be able to get them turned and smoothed, ready for planting.

When it’s time to plant, a trowel will come in handy. You can use this for digging the holes you’ll put seeds and pre-potted plants in. As you continue to care for your new plants, remember to keep the soil soft. This will allow plants to obtain the nutrients they need.

Trees & Bushes

If you’re ready to go big with trees for climbing and shaped hedges, you’ll need a few more tools for keeping them healthy and strong. Loppers will be important for removing dead or excess branches that could leave your bushes brown, roots exposed.

Pruning shears are a must for more detailed work like maintaining an even top on your hedges. You may also want to pick up a pole pruner for trees that need attention out of your normal reach.

One of the best investments you’ll make as you manicure this new yard is a good pair of work gloves. They’ll protect you from scratches and stings that can occur when working closely with plants and weed removal. They’ll also help prevent blisters when working with your tools for long periods of time.

Final Thoughts

You shouldn’t feel overwhelmed as you’re starting out, so it’s okay to start with the areas that are most important to you and work your way upward from there. You can also take advantage of services like Yard Master Services to take care of everything for you, or maybe just keep your weeds under control and your trees in shape while you take care of the rest.

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